Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blood Ties Book Two: Possession

Okay, the good news is, book two will be out and about sometime around February. I don't quite understand when books come out. It's a February release (February 6th, to be technical), but it could be on shelves as early as the 29th.

Something about all that seems weird to me. Books seem to be the only entertainment things that could release earlier/later than their intended date. When they say a DVD is coming out tuesday, it doesn't go on the shelf until tuesday. When a new video game system comes out, it doesn't go onsale until 12:00am the day it's supposed to be released. But with books, you could be really super excited to read one that comes out in May, run down to the bookstore May 12th, and they might not have it yet.

I wonder why that is? Of course, maybe this seems like such a huge, fascinating mystery because I'm trying to avoid getting any real work done.


  1. Hi Jennifer. I got all excited when you commented on my blog and had to come running over here ^_^ At the risk of sounding fangirly, I can't wait for Possession. Sadly, I'm based in the UK and I'm sure it will take even longer to get here than it will American bookshops.

  2. Oh, that suuuucks. I always wondered, can you get it through Amazon and have it smuggled across the border or some such thing? Or do the American versions of books get sold in UK bookshops?

  3. I have taken the precaution of pre-ordering on, since we seem to get American books about a year after their initial release (or least the books I want to read.)


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