Friday, March 16, 2007

How Can A Genius Like Me Be So Bad At Technology?

I'm also bad at keeping up a blog. But that's because I'm on a deadline, dangit.

I'm bad at technology. I cannot install Flash player on my computer for some reason. Oh, it says it is installed. It lies. Like a rug.

I also can't navigate the murkey depths of, either. I tried to make a comment on a review there (for my own book, which was probably not the best decision I've ever made, but I try to live with no regrets) and I ended up continually deleting the post, over and over again. I'd get nearly done and I'd hit the wrong thing and the delete the entire post.

I don't understand it. How on earth can I function as an otherwise normal human, yet completely screw up something as simple as navigating a website?

In other news, I vow to be better at this whole "blog updating" thing. I don't understand how people manage it, really.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who came out to my signings last week. I know some of you drove a long, long way. Don't tax your engines, okay? I'm not that cool.


  1. Technology can foil even those of us who claim to be good at it. It is wily that way.

    Hi there. Just wanted to say that a) I read very slowly and b) I just finished The Turning, enjoyed it muchly, and cannot wait to start Possession. However, given a, it may be a while.

    I still look forward to it! Thanks for the great read. :)

  2. i dont trust your coffee mug at all :P


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