Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gwen Stefani, You Are Not Japanese.

You know, Gwen Stefani is everything that everyone in the world wants to be. A hot blonde girl from California. And what does she spend all of her time doing? Trying to convince me she's Japanese. It just proves we're never truly happy with our lots in life.

In odder news, the Sweeney Todd soundtrack is out right now. And I have it. Thanks, iTunes, I owe you. 14.99. Which will be removed from my account immediately.

Short entry today-- hey, I'm very busy and important-- but here:

It's an old clip, but even Anderson Cooper, hottest man in the Universe, can't stand K-Fed.


  1. Wait I want to hear more about this Gwen thing...

  2. Sweeny Todd soundtrack. Jealous, I am. Must wait until after next week to find out what soundtracks I requested and if the order has been fulfilled.
    How husband shops - make a list and give it and some money to #1 Son and my shopping is done.
    At least, I won't have to return anything. . .


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