Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mini-Rant And Blog News

Here in my great state of Michigan, country of the U.S.of A, it was primary elections yesterday.

I did not vote. Why? Because I refuse to declare myself as being either a Republican or Democrat, or really any political party. In fact, the closest I come to being an anything is Libertarian, and even then, I'm not ready to sign on the dotted line.

It bothers me in the extreme that in order to support a candidate you believe in, you must first officially join their little club. I thought everyone had the right to vote, not just staunch defenders of the two party system.

"But wait, Jen," some may argue, "if we let just anyone vote in the primary without first aligning themselves with a specific political party, people from the opposite party could sabotage leading candidates by voting for the least popular candidate and splitting the vote." Yes, that could happen, which is why there should be only one primary vote per person. If you want to vote for a candidate from your party, great. If you want to try to skew things for the other side, go ahead. It's your vote, do whatever you want with it. If you want to waste your vote and possibly bite the candidate you're backing in the ass by using your vote on someone in another party, then that's up to you, idiot.

All I'm asking is that I don't have to enlist as a card carrying Republican or Democrat to use my vote. It's absurd. I don't have to declare my political beliefs to some stranger up the fire station because I want to vote. Furthermore, I don't EVER want another voting volunteer to say to me "Libertarian? You'll never see a candidate of YOURS get into office." That's not the point, lady. Loosen your bun a little bit and understand that if I'm casting a vote, I'm not betting on a horse. I'm using my tiny, insignificant pencil mark to tell the rest of the country, "Look, I don't like salt or pepper, so I don't have to use them, and your two party system is a joke that forces your candidates to spread themselves thin enough to cover half the country's ideals in a desperate bid to please everyone and we end up with some jabbering idiot in office who we know NOTHING about until shit happened and then he just made it worse and obviously has never won a game of Risk in his entire life and by the way, congratulations, every other country on the planet LOATHES us now, good job."

Wait, where was I again? Oh, that's right, I'm shaking my fist in futility at a problem greater than my power to fix it. It must be Wednesday.

Put your eyeballs here to skip over my insane ranting

In an effort to create some sort of a gimmick or something (I don't care, whatever, I'm just waiting until my kid is in bed and I can get blind drunk and watch The Dresden Files and drool over Bob), I've decided that Fridays are going to be a sort of grab bag of horrible surprises here on my blog. Is it going to be "The Horrors Of YouTube?" Or a VS. battle? Maybe it'll be a video interview with one of my fabulous and attractive friends. It could be a "Watch This" day, or a special link that I would like to share. Grab Blog Friday begins this Friday. Show up early or else everyone will think you're just following a trend.


  1. Can't wait to see what surprises you'll have.

    On the political note, there has been a concerted effort to keep the US political system to a two-party system. Regardless of the percentages any one has, debates and news focus almost strictly on republicans and democrats.

    An Independent.

  2. Jeez, Jen, tell us what you really think.
    I didn't vote, either, because I don't consider myself of either party. Yes, I know, all I had to do was pick one or the other for my vote yesterday, but the Democrats didn't wait until Michigan decided when to have the election, so they didn't file, and the Republicans had already decided on the home boy.
    Le sigh. Will it ever get better?


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