Monday, February 25, 2008

This Probably Should Have Been A Friday Grabblog...

... but this is my blog, and if I decide that Friday content is for Monday, then it's going to be and you can't tell me what to do anymore because I'm not going to be held down by the man!

Anyway, this is a rare and horrible look into what it's like to be my friend. This is where I try to "interview" my friend Warnament. It all goes so terribly wrong.

It was still processing, last I checked, but it probably will work. I don't know how to use all this new fangled technology.


  1. When pallets of diet coke start showing up at Harlequin I will laugh my ass off.

  2. lori from plainwellFebruary 25, 2008 at 3:53 PM

    speaking of diet coke...that is the name of my online diary...
    "diet coke break"
    remember those commercials?

    is warnament related to the plainwell warnaments? i really only remember bud warnament. they used to run the tractor supply store and i would go there with my grandpa

  3. Thanks, Jen. Now we know who Warnament is. He was playing the music at your wedding!

    "Another Grandma"

  4. P.S. Do you need an office chair? We've got a spare.

    "Another Grandma"


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