Monday, March 3, 2008


I have very little time to blog today (big, important, superhero rock star things to do), but I had to share this. By share, I mean torture you with it. And by torture, I'm talking more about the "hurts so good" bdsm thank-you-master-may-I-have-another kind of pain, because I guarantee that some part of you is going to like this. The part that is trying to wrestle your bleeding wrists out of the warm tap water.

What? Vampires aren't alive. They're dead. That's part of what makes them vampires. But I think my favorite part, aside from the interpretive dance, is the line "I sleep through the daylight, hence my grave." It's like he's just singing a conversation. Like he's the singing, speed-dating vampire. You just sit down and the trippy club music starts and he's like, "My name is Peter and I like to ski! I have a time share in Hancock MA!" (Sing that to the tune of the music, trust me, it's hilarious.


  1. The lyrics! The choreography! The horse! (wtf?)
    It's nice to know Miguel Ferrer can find work nowadays. . .

  2. It's kinda catchy.
    So, you downloaded this song right?
    Oh, you know, now it's stuck in my head, and i kinda hate you at the moment.

  3. Errrm...
    You find the best You Tube stuff. Actually I thought the dancing vampires were very cool. I'm with Jill. The song is now stuck...

  4. OhSweetBabyJesusinaManger...that is the most hilariously disturbing thing I've ever seen. You are a purveyor of evil.


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