Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It has occured to us...

... that some writers use their blogging powers for good, rather than evil or just plain lazy, and that perhaps we should do the same. We are feeling benevolent, and also lazy, so we are going to use our powers for good, as well. We should probably also respond to some email so that nice people like Claire will no longer feel unloved, but really, we're working up to that. We have a lot of email and so very little will power to stay away from World of Warcraft for long enough to answer it.

Anyway, back our our benevolence...

We are going to do a few blogs about submitting your work to a major publishing house. If one were to spread the word that, starting tomorrow, Wednesday August 13, we would begin covering this subject, it would be much appreciated. Translation: Free writer advice, y'all! Tell your friends!

Also, if there is anything specific that one is interested in knowing about relating to the submission process, one can certainly submit questions and suggestions here, and we will, in all of our goodness, take a look and totally answer them to the best of our very limited wisdom.

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