Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do they get that I can still, like, vote, even if they take my yard sign?

I wasn't going to post anything political in my blog. I just wasn't going to, because I don't like arguing about my political choices with people, or trying to tell people why their choices are wrong, because no one ever changes their way of thinking in those conversations, and, let's be honest, I don't want anyone to not buy my books because I didn't support their candidate. So, don't think of this as a political post. Think of this as a JEN IS MAD AS HELL AND SHE IS NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE post.

On Monday, I put out my brand spankin' new Obama/Biden yard sign. Today is Thursday. Today, my sign was stolen.

Mine was not the first sign to be stolen in town. Another house has put out replacement signs that say, "Obama was stolen from this spot," whenever their signs are lifted, and then they replace them with another, official sign.

Someone else in town had an unsavory word scrawled across their Obama sign. I'm sure that you can guess what the word is, based on the candidate's race and the fact that there are an alarming number of Confederate flags in this town despite being located in one of the northern-most states in the country. It rhymes with "jigger," if you're slow on the uptake.

I loathe, and I mean, loathe, the fact that my neighbors have had McCain/Palin signs, two of them, proudly displayed in their lawn for the last month and those signs have gone completely unmolested. I don't WANT their signs to get stolen, I just want to know why their political yard signs are a-okay and mine are totes steal worthy.

So, with rage and spray paint, I concocted my own solution to this problem:

This is the part I do not understand, dear readers: what do political sign thieves think they're going to accomplish? Was the goal to make me go out to get the mail, see the missing sign and say, "Damn, my sign is gone. Guess I have to vote for McCain." BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY HOW IT WORKS.

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