Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Been A While (Insert Nickelback Song Flashback Here-- You're Welcome).

Well, the holidays. WTF were they about. Weeks of preparation, and suddenly, BAM they're over. I feel like a prom dress, worn briefly and discarded on the Motel Six floor. It's not even the Honeymoon Suite, for God's sake.

So, things should be back to normal 'round these parts. In celebration of such, if you're still reading, if you're still out there, now is your chance to ask me anything. Anything at all. I doesn't even have to be writing related. This is a standing offer to all people who listen to my podcast, but not everyone does, so I thought I would open the floor, just this once, to the folk who have always wanted to know what color my underpants are. Answers will be compiled in my next blog post, so don't let me down. I don't want to have to think of another idea for my next post.

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