Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's not much for me to say today. I just need to get back into the habit of blogging. Because, let's be honest, it's easy to forget I'm here, especially after a year with no new releases. Don't forget about me, intarweb peeps! Especially when you're going to spend your money! Because I love money and I want some more!

And with good reason. Mr. Jen and I are going back to college. No, not sexy, co-ed dorms, raging parties, lots of fun college. Grown-up, dear God we're almost thirty and completely uneducated, this is going to be way more embarrassing if we wait until we're so old the newspaper reports that we're going back to college college. Mr. Jen is majoring in art. Me, Mrs. Jen, I am going into Automotive Technology.

In fact, I'm at college right now. I'm not currently in classes, but Mr. Jen had to do his pre-testing, so I came along so that I could re-aquatint myself with the student commons, which is this really cool area that looks like outside, inside, and has banana plants like I'm in Jurassic Park or something. There are also computers everywhere, freely available for everyone to use, with internet access, which is pretty much why on my transcript the last semester I attended here reads "Intro to Logic: 0.0 Astronomy 0.0 American History 4.0"

Things have totally changed, though. Like, there is wireless internet access now. We didn't have that when I was here before. And there are all sorts of people who look way younger than me. Scratch that, who ARE way younger than me. I refuse to concede that I do not look eighteen anymore.

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