Saturday, August 15, 2009

I want coffins, damnit.

It seems I can't get away from the bloodsuckers. Apparently, I will be writing a brand spanking new vampire novel for Mira. And that's fine with me. But it's hard to come up with ideas that are fresh in a genre that everyone is tired of. Not to mention the fact that any book with a vampire in it, no matter what that vampire is doing, is written off as "just another vampire book." Seriously, if they head read Dracula in Reading Lolita in Tehran, that would have been reviewed as a vampire book.

So, how to make something people are going to want to read, that is free from the pitfalls of modern stories? I have to say, I'm going to have to start with the heroine. Now, in Blood Ties, Carrie Ames was a doctor. But it seems like there are only three professions that ever run into vampires in fiction these days: doctors (and medical examiners), detectives, and vampire slayers.

Doctor, I've already done. Detective? So many people have detectives, I want to set this one out. Vampire slayers? Again, what can I do to distinguish my vampire slayer for anyone else's vampire slayer? Give her three tits? I'm at a loss here.

So, there is problem number one. I remember someone had a dentist who met a vampire with a broken fang, and while that's cute, I'm not really "cute," am I? I mean, I am cute, but my writing style, not so much.

Then, there is the vampire. Yes, I suppose he could be human and she could be a vampire, but I'm not interested in that, damnit. I like my vampires to be sexy, and have wieners. So many people have been saying they're tired of vampires who don't like being vampires, but I don't know... I'm not sure I could make a romance out of a guy who loves killing folks.

I want coffins in this story, though. I know that. In the Blood Ties series, everyone slept in beds. But this time, I want coffins.

More to come.

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