Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Okay, the big announcement...


This has to start with a little story.

Once upon a time, in my first critique group, the Friday Night Mudslingers, we had a saying. We were saying it all the time: "Jennifer Armintrout does not write romance." And it's true. The most common complaint I get from readers is, "I thought this was going to be a romance. They had it in the wrong section." I try to write romance, in fact I aspire to some day write category romances because I like them more than any other type of book. But when I try to write romance, I end up killing everybody. You can't have people skinned alive in a Harlequin Presents. I know. I looked it up.

Eventually, when I finally figured how to write a romance without murders in it, I was already locked into this Jennifer Armintrout gig. Now, Jennifer Armintrout couldn't write romance, even if she wanted to and had gotten good at it. People would not like that, and companies wouldn't pay for it.

So, I figured that if I can't write romances, I figure I'll leave that up to someone else. A someone else who happens to be me. Under the name Abigail Barnette, I will be writing ebooks, the first of which will be available from Samhain Publishing in September of this year. You'll be able to find more info about that at Abigail's site. I will still be writing as Jennifer Armintrout and being my normal self. As normal as I can be.

So, that's the big announcement.

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