Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My son's first grade teacher is awesome. There's no way of getting around it. She's totally focused on reading and writing, and runs her classroom like an all day writing workshop at RWA national. Today, to celebrate these dwindling days of this school year, I'm going to share the fruits of her labors through the prose created by my son:

Kiersten, by Christian Armintrout
copyright February 2010 ed. note: There is actually a copyright page.

Kiersten is my best friend in the world!
But one day Kiersten ran out of our fort so...
I went in.
I saw snowball, it was as heavy as a TREE!
So-- I rolled it out.
But another kid came in and he hit me!
When Kiersten wasn't around.
Kiersten is a great friend.

Christmas Tree, by Christian Armintrout
copyright January 2010

I had to get the Christmas tree out of the closet, it was heavy.
Then, I had to get the ornament box out.
We has lots!
Next I had to take everything down the stairs.
Grandpa and Steve helped me build it.
After we put up the tree we decorated it with ornaments.
My favorite ornament is a robot. But it got broken.
My new favorite is a bear in a car and mom put it up high because it is delicate.

The Boy Who Used to Be Naughty II, by Christian Armintrout
Dedicated to Mom and Dad and Wednesday
copyright October 2009
ed. note: This is the sequel to The Boy Who Used to Be Naughty, which tells the story of the time Christian got into my office and broke a bunch of glass globes for fun.

Now I am 6 1/2
Sometimes mom still says, "GO to your room,"
When I do naught stuff.
The last naughty thing was giving money to AJ.
I should have given the money to the lunch lady.
I learned my lesson.
Well, I ran out of paper so thats... the end.

ed. note: This next one is my total favorite. It's the only fiction one he's written, and I think he shows a real knack for it.
Grandpa's Car is Cool!, by Christian Armintrout
copyright November 2009

Grandpa's car is cool!
It has a face on it. The eyes are headlights, the bumper is the mouth.
"Hooo," I said.
It transforms into a red and blue robot.
The tires are lazers. It uses sign language to talk.
It can also make a mean face. I copy it.
"That car is cool," I said.
He said, "Thanks!"
"Cool," I said it again.

Look, I know I'm his mom, but I don't think it would be bragging or premature to announce that he's going to be the next Faulkner.

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