Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinking about Cyrus...

If I have learned one important lesson from this whole JLA vs. LKH blog dust up gossip fest (that still continues... Dear Author featured it in their link round up today), it's that people friggin love Cyrus.

I'm still not sure why.

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of "bad boys" that I love. I've even blogged about them before. But I don't really understand what's so appealing about Cyrus. Maybe because I've spent so much time writing him. And maybe because I had to call upon all my selfish, negative personality traits to cobble him together. Cyrus is the kind of person I would be if I had just a little bit less conscience. You know, minus the statutory rape and child murder.

But I must be crazy, because I miss the bastard. I would absolutely like to write him again. And from the messages I've gotten from some of you, I think you'd like me to write him again, as well. Unfortunately, I can't just write him, because he doesn't belong to me anymore, and the people he does belong to don't feel there would be a readership for him. So, I'm starting a grassroots thing right now.

If you love Cyrus, if you want to read about him again, leave a comment here to that effect. Have your friends who don't read my blog but like Cyrus come do it, as well. I want to see if I'm right, that there are people out there who would send my publisher some dollars for another few hundred pages of Cyrus.

I've already found out how powerful word of mouth can be when I open my mouth wide enough. Let's see if the same goes for Cyrus. Leave your comments. Honk if you love Cyrus. And if there are no honks, then I can put him to his final rest on my "to do" list.

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