Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A sensitive subject.

I am aware that not everyone sees eye-to-eye with me on the subject of the war in Iraq, or our president. I try not to be too overtly political, but I'm an opinionated person and my family's motto is kind of like, "He who is loudest wins" but in Latin, probably.

However, I can't let the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom pass without comment. I never agreed with the war, and I supported the troops in that I didn't want them all blown to tiny pieces by roadside bombs. I have nothing but good feelings for the men and women in our Armed Forces. I have friends and family that are currently serving, some of whom served in Iraq. I have at least one family member set to go to Iraq, even though the war is officially over. I have no illusions that the true end of this conflict will come years from now. I mean, we still have soldiers at posts in South Korea, we're never truly "done" with the wars we're involved in.

Still, it's a relief to have one less war to worry about. Our country has been at war since both of my children were born. We'll probably still be involved with the war against terrorism when they go to college. But for today, this is all right. Not grab-a-nurse-and-kiss-her-in-Times-Square all right, but all right enough.

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