Thursday, September 15, 2011

What are you doing in October?

So, I'm trying to get on here to update my blog with news about a kick-ass writing opportunity coming up, and I kept failing and failing and failing on the security question. And as I'm failing, over and over again, I'm like, "Wait a minute? Why is there so much security?" Then, I started feeling kind of paranoid. "Is it because I'm doing something wrong? Like, without realizing it, am I doing something naughty, trying to sneak into my own blog? Oh god, am I doing it on purpose to sabotage myself, and I'm so deeply in denial about it that I don't realize I'm doing it? WILL THE POLICE BE CALLED IF I FAIL IT ONE MORE TIME?"

I'd forgotten to put the .com on my email address.

I just wanted you to know what i had to go through to tell you about this absolutely amazing conference opportunity. It's call "I've Always Wanted To Write A Book!", a one-day conference in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here's what's going down: The Grand Rapids Region Writer's Group is a professional organization that I belong to. I'm actually an original member of the group, serving on the first board when it formed as an RWA chapter. Eventually, the group broke away and became a career support group. We have an incredibly high number of published members, including author Bronwyn Green and Sidney Ayers, both who will speak at the conference. One of our goals when we started was to have a conference that would help people who always wanted to write, but never really did for one reason or another.

That's what you'll get at "I've Always Wanted To Write A Book!" 2011. You'll attend panels and workshops on specific genres, time and stress management, and industry tips from published authors, editors, and agent Michelle Grajkowski from Three Seas literary agency, who will also be taking a limited number of pitches.

Oh, and Jacqueline Carey. Yeah, she'll be there, too. She's the KEYNOTE SPEAKER! The woman who created Terre 'd Ange and Phedre and Kushiel and if you have not read her books, I'm sorry, FANGURL TANGENT AHEAD: If you have not read her books and are not currently reading them or planning to, I do not know what you are doing with your life. They are amazing fantasy books and she'll be at this conference, sharing her expertise and experience with you.

And guys. Guys, not to brag, but I'm going to– I, Jennifer Armintrout am going to– give a workshop on how to act professional. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Please, if you are serious about writing and have the dough to spare, check the link out and come party with us. It's going to be so much fun. Registration is limited to 100 attendees, so it's going to be a very intimate, very informative experience. There's an optional friday night GRRWG wine mixer, with some very friendly local writers who are committed to helping other writers.

I really hope to see you there!

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