Friday, July 13, 2012


I have this personal policy wherein if something good happens to me, I try to make something good happen for someone else. This purely selfishly motivated, because I do this so that if something really bad happens to me, someone might try to help me out. Some people call this karma, so if that's the word for it, let's go with that.

Anyway, I've had a really charmed career so far, I would say. And this career has helped me to meet all sorts of interesting people, who read my books and then reached out to me. And some of these people have become good friends, even if I've never met them in person.

One of these people is Lindsey Wolfe, a reader who became a very good friend of mine on twitter. Lindsey routinely brightens my day by sending me pictures of hot guys who look like Lestat. I was looking forward to meeting her this summer when she came to be a vendor at the Black Rock Ren Faire in Augusta, MI.

Then, tragedy happened. On the drive to the faire, a U-Haul mishap led to them losing the computer they use to run their business. They continued on their journey, but their car died, their camper ended up with four flat tires, and they're not going to be able to recoup any of their losses, due the lack of electricty at the faire site, which they were misinformed about. In one trip they've lost their car and their business, and they're in dire, dire straights.

This is where you come in. I've set up a little fundraising thing on this website: Go to the fundraiser thinger. If you go there, you will see that I'm trying to raise a thousand bucks here to get them at least back on the road. Every little bit helps, right? You'll also see that I've put in some perks, and author Bronwyn Green has also chipped in some perks, that you can get if you help Lindsey and her fiance, Frank, financially.

PERKS UPDATE: Author Simone Anderson is offering two sets of two ebooks, reader's choice, for a $15 donation!

PERKS UPDATE #2: Bronwyn Green is going to go UNLIMITED on the 4 ebook perk!

PERKS UPDATE #3: Donations at any level will be entered in a random drawing to win a necklace from Nerdy Necklaces!

PERKS UPDATE #4: Author Kris Norris is going to offer 2 ebooks, reader's choice, to anyone who comes in with a $15 donation, and she'll mail out signed copies of her Phases anthology books, with swag, to two donors at the $50 level!

But I'm also offering up another reward. IF WE CAN RAISE $1000 FOR LINDSEY IN 7 DAYS, I WILL RECAP 50 SHADES DARKER AND 50 SHADES FREED.

That's right. I will do chapter by chapter recaps of the rest of those damned books if we can band together and help Linsdey out.

Now, you might be saying, "Jen, that's a lot of money, and I don't have any money." Well, I don't have any money, either, so I'm doing what I can. You can do what you can, too, by spreading the word. A setback like this, to a small business, can end the whole shebang in one fell swoop. I don't want that to happen to Lindsey and Frank. So here's how you can help:

  1. Donate, obviously, whatever you can, at this link.
  2. Or, donate what you can via paypal, to help them out in a more immediate sense. If you want to go this route, email me at and I'll get you hooked up with their paypal address. If you match for one of my perks by doing this, you'll still get the perk. Not Bronywn's, though. Just mine are doing that, because she's only got two things up there.
  3. Not able to donate? Spread the word. Share the link to the fundraising campaign, or to this post.
  4. Live in the Augusta, MI area? Do you know anyone who can fix cars? Anyone who has spare tires? Anyone who can help out in another way? Bring them hot food, whatever? Then please, I beg of you, contact me at and I'll get you hooked up with them.
My readers are the best people in the world, and I want to help out one of them in need. I'm willing to sacrifice my time and my sanity to the other 50 shades books, but only if we can reach this goal! WHO IS WITH ME, BRAVEHEART STYLE?!


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