Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Your heart might kill you. Heads up.

So, I wasn't planning a post for today, because I have copy edits to do and books to write. But a friend just sort of casually posted something on facebook, to the tune of, "Oh hey, you might not have realized it at the time, but I totally had a heart attack three months ago."


He's in his 30's!

He couldn't possibly have had a heart attack!


Well, he did have a heart attack, and he's written about it on his blog, Open Source Judaism. Please go and check it out, because while I'd heard of people having a heart attack in their 30's and 40's, I always assumed it would never happen to me. No matter what age you are, go read his scary story, get a bead on your very real mortality, and take better care of yourselves, because I like you.

Yes, you personally.

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