Friday, October 19, 2012

Giveaway Update!

If you entered my "Jen is a Baseball Wizard" giveaway, you should have books in your inbox by now! Unless you were the person who entered your name instead of your email address into the box. THEN YOU GET NOTHING! Just kidding, if you entered the giveaway and you didn't receive your books because of a weird thing like that, get in touch with me here (leave a comment with your email address and your ebook format) and we'll get you hooked up. I trust you all to be honest, because you're all awesome.

That goes for Yankee fans, too, by the way. I felt like you should all get something to ease the utter humiliation that was handed out last night. Everyone who entered got something. So, if you entered and you didn't, then let me know, I just missed you.

That said, if you read the books and you love them and you have a couple seconds to spare, reviews on goodreads, amazon, etc. are always appreciated. And if you hate them and want to start blogging them chapter by chapter and making fun of them, please drop me a link, because I would love to see that shit and I would be oddly flattered by it.

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