Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm taking all the credit. *GIVEAWAY*

EDIT: The odds really are ever in your favor. Because the game was postponed, you now have an extra day to enter! And the stakes have gotten higher for my baseball wizard claim, because if they don't win tomorrow, they won't win the series at home, and then what would TRIPLE PLAY be? A hot interracial three-way, that's what. So either way, it's win/win.

So, you know how I just had this baseball book come out?

Readers have already guessed that the team I wrote about the Grand Rapids Bengals, may or may not be based off my favorite team, the Detroit Tigers. I don't know where they got that idea. For the most part, the other teams mentioned in the book are from places where there really aren't any teams, so they don't have an corresponding teams in real life. Except for the New York Patriots.

Okay, obviously, the New York Patriots are the New York Yankees. I loathe the Yankees. I'm a fan of the Tigers, and whoever is playing the Yankees. I could not let the chance pass me by when I wrote these books. I wanted the Tigers to get a big victory over the Yankees. So I decided I would throw the New York Patriots into the Grand Rapids Bengals' den for the league championship. You wanna see the first lines of the book?
A professional ballpark during league championships had a lot in common with Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Especially when it was a home team game, and the home team was looking to sweep.
If you don't follow baseball, let me just point out that currently, in the American League Championship Series, the Detroit Tigers have a 3-0 lead. That means that going into game four tonight, at Comerica Park, the home team is looking to sweep.

I'm not saying I made this happen with my mind or anything. Except that no, I really did make this all happen with my mind. I'm some kind of sports psychic.

I bet you're thinking that I'm jinxing the Tigers right now. But I don't. I know they're going to win. I know it so hard, I'm willing to make a bet with all of you. If the Detroit Tigers don't sweep the Yankees in the ALCS, I'll give away my HARD BALL series to you... for free. That's right, if you're thinking, "Jen isn't some kind of baseball mind control telekinesis wizard," and you're right, you win all three of my Grand Rapids Bengals stories in the ebook format of your choice.

"But Jen," I hear the overwhelming majority of you saying. "You're clearly a baseball mind control telekinesis wizard, and very sexy and smart as well, and your hair smells like salt-water taffy." I know, I know.

Here's how it's going to work. You're going to fill out an internet form. You'll answer the question before the top of the 9th inning tonight. I'm not kidding, get your answers in now, because the second that last out is called, I'm closing this thing down. And then tomorrow, based on the outcome of the game, you may or may not receive three ebooks about gorgeous, sexy baseball players having gorgeous sexy sex with gorgeous, sexy women and each other. One character may or may not be inspired by former Tiger, current Yankee Curtis Granderson. I'm just saying.





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