Monday, October 29, 2012

The Saddest Thing In The World, and a status update

The Detroit Tigers got swept by the Giants in the World Series. I don't know if I can accurately convey what it feels like to be a Detroit baseball fan right now, so just go drop something big and heavy on your foot. And then directly onto your barely beating broken heart. Then you'll have a way to empathize with the walking wounded in Michigan this morning.

To add to the sadness, this morning a story broke about the ice buckets holding the Giants' victory champagne. In the confusion of screaming and happiness that Tigers fans and stadium staff are frankly not used to, the "hooray, the Tigers won!" party favors got accidentally passed out to the Giants. I warn you, what you are about to see will make you sob great heaping bucketfuls of tears. I mean, I assume. Everyone else feels like they just got kicked in the vag, right?

See the whole story at Yahoo!, including the part where the Giants just didn't give a shit, because hey. World Series champions.

As for my to-do list, things are getting more manageable!

  1. I'll be shilling wreaths for another school fundraiser. I've just straight given up on this one. I don't even know where the order forms are it doesn't matter, pick up is on a day when I couldn't fill the orders, anyway! GET OUT OF WREATH JAIL FREE!
  2. Pumpkins must be carved. Carved. Like a boss. I'll post pictures eventually.
  3. I'll be volunteering at my daughter's preschool on two days.
  4. One of those is her birthday. This necessitates cupcakes at school and a cake at home.
  5. I'll need to take her to get her school picture retaken, as well.
  6. 100 bags and 100 folders need to be filled with various authors' promo for the Ready, Set, Write! conference. As I type this, help is arriving at my doorstep to get the bags filled.
  7. Still on the conference committee.
  8. Still the president.
  9. Still need to give a speech.
  10. Need to go over my presentation, write where necessary.
  11. Bring snack to my son's scout meeting.
Things are shaping up. Now I need to go briefly sob in the corner and set my sights on April.

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