Friday, October 26, 2012

[witty title I'm too flabbergasted to come up with]

You may recall that in August, while attending the amazing Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans, I attended the Bookie awards ceremony and won a couple of awards:

And promptly photographed them in the shower.

I was nominated for a bunch of stuff. I kind of wish I had kept track of what I had been nominated for. But I heard my name like five times, and two of those were when I was winning. I won GLBT Novel of the year for Striped (my gay weretiger light BDSM three-way that is available here) and Steampunk Short Story of the year for Sex, Lies and Inventions (which features a middle-aged inventor hero who may or may not be the byproduct of Steampunk sex fantasies about James May and which is also available here).

Winning those Bookies was a really great feeling, but I was fairly confident I wouldn't be hearing my name at any award ceremonies in the future. Not because I'm down on myself or my work, but because I recognize that not everyone can will all the awards. So imagine my surprise when I wound up with five nominations again this year, in the categories of:
  • Author website of the year
  • Contemporary novel of the year (for Double Header)
  • E-Book only novel of the year (for Long Relief)
  • Werewolf novel of the year (for Bride of The Wolf)
  • Best Hero (for Philipe, the hero of Beast)
Voting opens November 1st. These are a "readers choice" kind of thing, so I'll be providing a link when the time comes, so that if you like my books and you want to vote, you can. And so you can vote for other authors you like, too. I mean, I'm not a monster. Usually.

But go me!

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