Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why do I keep doing this to myself, and by extension, to you guys?!

So, as you are probably already aware, I try to post my 50 Shades posts on Monday or Tuesday. Because it starts the week off right. But stuff keeps derailing me, like yesterday's combination snow day/neck injury-a-thon that laid me flat on the couch with screaming children swarming around me. I didn't get the recap finished, hell, I didn't even get the chapter annotated all the way. I thought, "No big, I'll just post it on Wednesday."

Well, shit, Jenny. Do you even know what Wednesday is? That's right. Wednesday is the 30th, aka, the day chapter 2 of The Boss comes out. If I posted a recap on the same day, the posts would be in direct competition with each other, and I happen to know that the recaps? Are big time hair pullers.

Instead, I'm posting chapter two of The Boss a day early, and you'll get your recap tomorrow. If you're not reading The Boss, then you have no one to blame but yourself for your disappointment at this announcement.

You can read chapter two here, and chapter one as well, if you're not caught up. And the recap will be out tomorrow, barring anymore bulging discs or bad weather that traps me with my children.

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