Saturday, February 16, 2013

Roadhouse episode 18: "The show we didn't prepare for."

We did a really good show last week, and the upload went awry. This week, we winged it, and it went just fine.

I see Marco Rubio's drinking problem in action for the first time, and we talk about all the ways we're strange

Next week, we'll be talking about body image and weight issues. Tell us what you'd liked to see covered in that show in the comments.


  1. For the next show, could you discuss the idea we all seem to have that being thin means being healthy? I've always been on the fat side, and I recently lost weight when I went into a flare-up of my Crohn's. I had people tell me "oh, you look so healthy now" when I was actually MUCH sicker, anemic, malnourished, in constant pain, etc. I found it pretty sickening.

    I also had the opposite occur when I was on prednisone. I gained a bunch of weight, but was actually healthier, because the prednisone was helping my Crohn's, but people assumed because I was fatter that I was more unhealthy than I had been.

    Excited for the next episode! Definitely a topic I'm passionate about.

  2. I have the same exact thing about metal on metal or metal on teeth, and even the description makes my teeth itch. I can't think of any other way to describe it, but my molars ITCH when I think about it.

    I once told a roommate that if he didn't learn how to remove food from his fork without using his teeth, he'd have to move out. That shit is serious.

  3. I had a funny experience when I did an internship in Shanghai last year. One morning, while riding the elevator with a lot of small / skinny chinese girls, one of them was a little stronger built and she had her belly hanging over her pants and a shirt that streched over two rings of fat. So while she looked nothing like anything an american would probably even notice as overweight she was the biggest chinese girl in the company. One of the other girls on the elevator suddenly out of nowhere started patting her belly and really kind of admiring commented: 'so much meat'. Everybody laughed and was happy about it and the girl didn't seem offended at all. I doubt any of the other girls wanted to trade, but there was an refreshing attidude about the whole thing that I find hard to put into words. They weren't very close, so from my (european) background this kind of behavior seemed unusual. I could not pat a random co-worker of mine and comment on her weight without getting some really strange and probably offended looks.

  4. Thanks for the laughs! I'm looking forward to next week's show, especially since I've been having a lot of body issues since I had my second baby a few months ago and this dang baby weight won't come off while I'm breastfeeding!

  5. I talk to my dogs like they're people. And I guess I'm not the only one who says mean things to my animals in baby talk, lol. I'll grab my dog's face and baby talk "you're such an asshole." I usually tack, "but I love you" onto the end though.

  6. How can there be an episode 18 when episode 17 is still missing?!?

    1. Because 17 still exists, it's just in a hellish middle realm right now. It will come back, though!

  7. It would be really good if you could talk about the importance of teaching body confidence to the next generation, especially the impact of a mother's body image on her daughter. And that it's important to start that process from as young as possible, much like sex education starting at puberty is too late. I believe that body image/confidence should be taught at school as part of sex education. Good body image leads to respecting your body, and you are less likely to use sexual attention and sex to validate yourself. Which hopefully means fewer young people rushing into having sex before they are ready.

    I was very lucky that as a child and teenager I was often around my dad's female friends. They are all very beautiful women but all very different, some skinny, some athletic and some very curvy. And they were all very body confident. Their influence has had a profound effect on how I view my own body, I know that I am the most comfortable in my own skin than my friends. Which it's kind of odd, because my body is the least normal! I developed a curvature to my spine as a young teenager, which has left me with a twisted rib cage, one hip higher than another, an abnormally short torso and various large surgical scars. More recently I have become disabled and have to use crutches indoors and a wheelchair outdoors. I have also put on between 10 -15 kgs because I am so inactive. I see my body as a map of my journey and every time I look at it I am reminded of how strong I am, and that is beautiful.

  8. I think it would be awesome to be as at peace with myself as Sophie but I was just going to write, "Please talk about shame. And feeling like a freak when you can't find clothes to fit and feel like nothing in the universe looks good on you so you should just not go out in public because you're disgusting." I realize my negativity is unhealthy, but honest to Christ. I've spent my whole life trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me that everybody else seems to be thin and I'm the only fat monster. I keep hearing about this obesity epidemic, but it hasn't actually hit my friends or family. Except for me. Am I so much lazier than everyone I know? Do I eat so much more? I don't eat junk food at all; I've spent my freaking life on a diet. And I'm still a fucking mountain of a woman who hates herself. And now I have to worry that I'm destroying my daughter through my own self hatred. The joyride never stops.

  9. I found this article a month or two ago, and it's really changed the way I think about beauty and body image:

    It's about a woman who started telling her daughters that she, the mom, is beautiful. It talks about this thing women do where they tell kids (and I'd extend, friends and acquaintances), that they're beautiful, but they always insist that they themselves are ugly, or fat, or stupid. We can't teach self-esteem while modeling self-loathing.

    So even though I usually feel ugly, fat, and stupid, I look for nice things to say about myself to my kids: "Look how awesome I look in this new dress!" "My new haircut is totally rockin!" "I love the good food I cook!"

    I want my kids to be able to say those things about themselves, so I better teach them those are things people are allowed to say.

  10. Jen and D, I just lost it and couldn't stop laughing when you were talking about what makes you uncomf and/or gaggy and pukey! I normally read this blog from my phone, try to comment, it doesn't publish and I say f--- it. But today I had to boot up the computer and comment! first of all, your husband thinking inanimate objects might be itchy?? WTF?! hilarious. I'm laughing. And D, I totally feel the same way about metal on metal. I hate when I'm at a potluck and there's a dish served in an aluminum pan with a metal serving utensil! I refuse to eat it, even if it is my favorite food. My one ex used to refuse to acknowledge this even when I would force him to try it. Then Jen, barely being able to finish the story about stepping on the g&@*$ while wearing a s*@%. Just waaaay too much. I couldn't breathe!

    I wanted to share what makes me get the chills (I'm already sweating as I'm preparing to type it). I cannot handle it when my fingernails rub against a dry to damp paper towel. Like when the tips of my nails do. After eating sloppy food, I must wash my hands instead of using paper towel. My hands keep balling up into fists as I type this!

    Oh man, I love you girls. I also immediately thought you were trying to mock Rubio when you both took those swigs. But, in his defense, I honestly take quick, passionate swigs when I'm teaching because I don't want to lose the attention of my students and I'm REALLY thirsty and dry mouth! I thought it was utterly ridiculous that it was all over the news the next day.

    Glad you're doing a roadhouse about self-image issues.

  11. grape stomping parties for Jen? That's a real thing, y'know, with the giant barrels of grapes and people getting in barefoot to stomp them.

    I have a LOT of quirks, because I have OCD. ACTUAL OCD, not "omg I'm so OCD right now," but official, diagnosed by a medical professional OCD. The one that is most noticeable (even after many years of counseling) is my food thing. If I have food or a drink, I am happy to share w the people I love, but only if I've had the first bite/drink. If someone else takes it first, I refuse to even taste it. This has led to a lot of crying and stress over the years bc I'm one of those people that gets really emotional when I'm super hungry.

    Also, I say mean things to my cats and my sister's dog in a nice voice. My cat is usually a fat face molester and the dog is just the stupidest little ewok ever, but it's in baby talk, so they love it.

  12. sometime during college (where i gained MUCH more than the freshman 15) i was looking through old photos and found one of myself in a bikini. i was actually shocked at how good i looked, because i never thought i had a great body, even when i was on the swim team in high school. realizing that i had wasted so much time being down on myself was both sad and a wake-up call. it's not always easy, but when i'm having a down day now or obsessing about some random feature of my body, i force myself to take a mental break and appreciate my body as a whole and what it does for me. another tactic is doing something that makes me feel sexy, like exfoliating in the shower, slathering my body with lotion, and sleeping naked.

  13. LMFAO - I do that same thing to my pets too. Talking in a cute voice, but I always tell my dog I want to chew his face off and stuff. He loves it, though.


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