Friday, March 22, 2013

Drunk of Thrones!

No, it's not Roadhouse. Roadhouse is on break, and season 2 will premiere on April 19th, with an episode about awesome tv shows that got cancelled way too soon.

However! In the meantime, D-Rock and I made a non-Roadhouse project that we like to call Drunk of Thrones. Or, Game of Drunk, depending on how drunk we got as we filmed. Since season three of one of our favorite shows, Game of Thrones, will premiere on March 31st, and there are probably some people who haven't watched the first two seasons, we thought, "Who better than us to help these poor, Game of Thrones-deprived souls fill the gaps in their knowledge. While we drink a mini-bottle of dollar store wine per episode?"

Drunk of Thrones is the result of that selfless experiment.

In glorious new lighting (I changed a lightbulb in my office), featuring a cast of literally two of us, Drunk of Thrones is all the action of Game of Thrones, without any of the masterful storytelling or cognitive coherence you'd get from just watching the dvds.

Drunk of Thrones: Drunk Throneser will be out next week. But they'll be, you know. On the internet forever.

Because this is our legacy.


  1. I wanna come drink with you guys and talk about Game of Thrones.

  2. Forgot to mention this on the other video, but regarding shows that got cancelled way too soon: Blood Ties. Two seasons before the cut and they were so good. It started a little cheesy at first, but they managed more character development in in that short run than many other series have in over twice as many seasons. Not to mention it was creepy-awesome (I still don't get how it was on Lifetime).

  3. I watched the show, and read all the books, so i absolutely dudnt need that. But i still watched in fascination how you got increasingly drunker by a second and still pretty fucking on point. Awesome.

    Koko temur

  4. You should totally comment Buffy this way. Probably not every episode because that would be a lot of work but maybe the summary of the whole season as a video recap/review/comment. Wow, today I'm full of ideas!

  5. I sincerely enjoyed your Drunk of Thrones. As your reward for the epic opening music and artwork, have a pic of my Murphy in all his puppy glory.

  6. There's a ton of shows that are in my netflix queue that I fear I might never get around to watching. Could you drunkenly summarize every season of these shows for me? Breaking Drunk? The Drunking? The Drunken Wire?

  7. Oh man this is awesome, I saved these till after I actually watched Game of Thrones, and now I'm so glad I did cuz I actually get what you are talking about. Also, Khal Drogo is Jason Momoa from Stargate Atlantis and I actually cheered, and drooled a little when I saw him in GoT :D

  8. Can I please get drunk and watch GoT with you guys?


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