Friday, March 15, 2013

The Boss chapter seven is out, and another super important link.

Good news everyone!

Chapter seven of The Boss is up! It's available here.

Additional news, everyone!

There is a blog called Stories About Prince, in which a first-person narrator delivers handwritten retellings of fictional encounters with the popstar Prince. It is the greatest RPF on the internet. I honestly don't think anyone will ever top it, in terms of sheer amazingness. So, you know, read The Boss today, but also go check out Stories About Prince.


  1. I am sorry about polluting your wonderful THE BOSS post, but as soon as I saw this I thought you should know...

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  4. I finished reading the 50 Shades recap and as I scrolled to the end of it, I saw just the tip of the Simpsons guy's head (sorry, never watched the show, so I don't know his name) and I had to keep scrolling because it looked very penis-like and I thought you might have put up a cartoon penis. lol


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