Friday, March 8, 2013

The Boss, chapters five and six!

Chapters five and six of The Boss kick off the new once-a-week release schedule. Except this week, you get two chapters. 

And tomorrow there will be a bonus read-a-long post at That's What I'm Talking About!


  1. OMG YES. Thank you!

  2. People have told me to write a book, do you have any good advice?


  3. Read these chapters at work... big mistake.... ;-)

  4. So.
    The only thing I can think of to say right now is "wow".
    Really, wow.

  5. Having just finished the chapters (sorry, I'm ill), I can only verbalise two thoughts. The first is: Every other line seems to be a big 'fuck you' to E.L. James. Second: this is how erotica should be written. Quite phenomenal.

    (Third): I seem to be quite fond of the bullet point format. Not sure why.

  6. I'm really loving this. Every time a chapter pops up in my news feed it makes my day better.

    I have to say that because you are simultaneously doing the Buffy rewatch (which I'm also loving, by the way) something in my head has got confused and I can't stop picturing Giles when I think of Neil.

    This is not a bad thing :)


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