Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Boss!

If you're reading The Boss, chapter ten has been posted! It's here.

If you're following the read-a-long for The Boss, the post for chapters 9 and 10 are up! That's here.

And if you're waiting patiently for a 50 Shades Darker recap, I'll be working on that all day today and hopefully it will be out this evening. Because everyone knows all the hip kids are staying in and dicking around on the internet on a Saturday night.

Trout out.


  1. That is, in fact, what I will be doing tonight. Though I suppose it has yet to be shown if I qualify as a hip kid. haha

  2. Wait, what I've been doing for the past 8 years is hip?! Awesome 8)

  3. This is what came to my mind when you said "the hip kids":

    "Julio! The hip! The hip!"

  4. I'll be working. Super hip. So a recap to read at work would be awesome. <3

  5. In my head, you end every night whispering into your husband's ear, "Trout out." It's creepier than you're imagining.


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