Saturday, July 6, 2013


Roadhouse is back! And we've got a show for you: dumb stuff from movies and tv shows that we believed as children... and also how I believed that Bob Hoskins was American until about three years ago...


  1. "Video is private."

  2. Can't watch! It says, "video is private."

    ...This really makes me want to watch it.

  3. I hear ya xref Bob Hoskins. I'm always surprised when I watch interviews with non-North Americans who star in North American shows with American (or Canandian) accents and hear their "real" accents. Like Hugh Laurie and Anna Torv. It must be a bugger to be in a role and have to concentrate on getting the accent right as well as all the lines, etc.

  4. You were photo(video?)bombed by Danny Trejo the whole time. It was distracting.

  5. As soon as you mentioned Filght of the Navigator, the first quote that automatically (and always) came to mind was "Compliance!" My family still quotes that to this day.

    And I always wanted one of those little pet aliens he gets. So cute.

    The only thing I ever believed from movies as a kid was from In Like Flint where James Coburn uses his watch to restart his pulse when he's pretending to be dead. I used to ape the scene between two kitchen chairs just like in the movie—even down to copying the move he does with his hands across his face. I thought there was really a way you could start your heart again through the pulse points in your wrist.

    1. Damn it, it was Our Man Flint, not the other one. I always get them mixed up.

  6. I literally just found out Bob Hoskins was British last week, when I told my dad how impressive Hoskins' English dialect was and Dad looked at me like I was a crazy person. Yay, me.

  7. Mmm.. Kevin Spacey :) I used to be pretty obsessed with him when I was younger! I was always looking at websites, my aol profile was all answered in Kevin Spacey movie quotes and I had pics of him on my binder in high school! I still have a pic of him in my wallet and still get super excited when I see him in something new, I'm just not obsessed anymore ;) Lucky you in meeting him!

  8. you can't upload any more videos. you have exactly 69. DON'T RUIN THAT FOR ME.

  9. That's funny... I first saw Bob Hoskins in "Roger Rabbit", so of course many years later when I was digging through the extras on the DVD and there was an interview with him, I was floored! Although that did prepare me for hearing him in "Unleashed"/"Danny the Dog"...

    I actually did the opposite with Hugh Laurie. Having grown up watching him alongside Stephen Fry in "Wooster and Jeeves", seeing (or rather, hearing) him in "House" was a bit of a mind-trip. I got used to it of course, but that first season I watch was so weird.

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