The Big Damn Buffy Rewatch

Season 1
Welcome To The Hellmouth
The Harvest
Teacher's Pet
Never Kill A Boy On The First Date
The Pack
I Robot, You Jane
The Puppet Show


  1. I've only read two of your posts about 50 Shades, but based on the themes you're looking out for in Buffy, I can tell that I'm going to enjoy these posts too.

    I watched Buffy all the way through this year for the first time (after studying it for part of a college class and seeing some episodes here and there). I think you've hit the nail on the head when it comes to your list.

    1. What class studied it? Are there online notes?

  2. These are fantastic! I don't always agree 100%, but I love how you analyze the episodes. Also, that picture of Giles miiiight be my wallpaper now too.

  3. I am suffering from Big Damn Buffy Rewatch withdrawal!

  4. First, I love the kind of smart criticism we lady folks get up to on this blog. Second, Jenny, this will probably annoy you. :) But I'm gonna tell you why I think "When She Was Bad" is one of the most feminist episodes of Buffy.

    Feminism doesn't mean strength--it means equality with men. We never ask if male characters are strong. We never expect that they live up to some hypothetical label in order to be judged valuable, as we do with female characters. We don't ask that they be part of an agenda. We ask only that they be real, complex, interesting and well-written.

    Buffy is at her most real in that episode--she's a teenager and a brat, smart-mouthed and in pain, and she's never more complex and contradictory than she is in that episode. She's not working for an agenda. She's written to the standards that we would hold male characters to, and that's feminism in my mind.

    In case you're interested in hearing this argument from someone who is much better at summarizing it than I am, try Sophia McDougall's article (She references Buffy!):

  5. This is amazing, I hope you update it soon!!!!!

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  7. Would be interested in reading your take on the rest of the series. Particularly seasons two and three, my personal faves. But well done so far!


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